Natalya is from Novosibirsk, Russia. Adriano is from Brasilia, Brazil.
They met on Mount Fuji, Japan. As they say, this was their first unintended “date". From this day on, they never stopped seeing each other again.
Natalya and Adriano are both fans of the Game of Thrones and wanted a whimsical mood on their wedding. They were trying to do everything by themselves, but, instead of having fun, they got caught up on the wedding planning process.
As soon as they saw the old, ruined chapel of Monserrate, Sintra, they knew it was the perfect place to say “I do”. There, in front of their most loved ones, Natalya promised to teach Adriano tango so they can dance together and he promised not to watch the last season of the Game of Thrones without her – If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

From the bride
We envisioned a fantasy-like atmosphere - a little bit "Game of Thrones" inspired. Remarkable, with personality, memorable and cozy.
Everything exceeded our expectations, but the best was the ceremony location. That chapel was really special. The venue was also really special and that view was breathtaking and also exceeded our expectations. The flowers and decorations left us in awe, the cake was beautiful and tasty. Originally, I was totally against the idea of the wedding cake, but when I realised that cakes can be very special and unique, it was irresistible.

My best advice is, get a wedding planner right away. There is a constant conflict between what you "imagine" and what you can practically do by yourself from a distance (Japan). It took us longer than we expected to wrap our mind around what we actually need to do. In the beginning things seemed easier. We started with a very vague image and, basically, though that we would, in any case, be happy with the result, but the further we went, the clearer was the image and realization that we were running out of time. Moreover, once you start to realize the budget and amount of effort you invest into it, you want to make sure that you really get what you expect. We were lucky that, in a very short time, we were able to get the best outcome. It wouldn't be possible without a wedding planner. I was very surprised to find out that the "decision-making fatigue" is very real.

We were lucky that Ivnna and her team accepted our very last-hour wedding planning request. At first we were skeptical about needing to hire a wedding planner, but we totally wouldn't be able to pull it off without Ivnna and her team, so the investment was completely worth it. Even with a very short planning span, distance and time zone, communication was great and the team responded flawlessly to our requests. Living in Japan we have very high expectations towards the service industry, but luckily for us, they were exceeded.
Thank you for taking care of our wedding. We had a hard time organising it remotely, but with your help we, somehow, survived. Luckily for us, you crossed paths with us and the result was far beyond our expectations.


Concept planning & styling The Wedding Wonderland | Photography Five Photography | Officiant Arena do Tempo | Music Miguel Mendes