She's from Porto. He's from Lisbon.

They met in 2009 at the very first day of University in Lisbon and, in just a few days, they became inseparable. After meeting João, Catarina discovered that she had been placed at the same University, but in Porto. But when she learned the news, something told her that she shouldn't go, that her path was right there. And she stayed and gave love a chance.
Their wedding took place in Sintra, on a hot August day. So, for us, it made sense to have a colourful and happy country wedding. We used a rich and diverse palette of colours with blue notes sprinkled here and there.

Catarina e João

Flowers played a key role in the creation of the environment. We chose small and delicate flowers that could very well have been picked on a stroll in the countryside. The intimate ceremony was celebrated outdoors surrounded by a lot of emotion and companionship.We decorated the pergola with a green wreath and draped chiffon. We also embellished the chairs with a delicate floral arrangement wrapped in satin ribbon.

Dinner was served on a terrace overlooking the Sintra mountains. We kept the countryside feel of the décor with a dining table made of natural wood, with no towel and sprinkled with country flowers. The warm summer evening and the view did the rest.

From the bride

"We wanted a wedding only for parents, godparents, and our 2-year-old daughter. We had thought about organizing the day ourselves, but the fact that it was not in our city made us decide to seek professional help. And we chose the best!

We loved everything, but the most remarkable moment was undoubtedly the ceremony. We had never attended a ceremony like this before, and it was absolutely beautiful! What we also really enjoyed was the photographic and video part, because it is what is stored in physical form for us to see whenever we please. The detail of the stationary made especially for us made the day even more special, as did the flowers!

The advice I can give you is not to do it all on your own! Hire someone to help you. In the end you will be eternally grateful and much less tired! Do not doubt the existence of fairy godmothers, for they do exist!

You have succeeded in overcoming our desires! The day would certainly not have been so special without your help! Everything was beautiful and magical! Can we count on you when we renew our vows in 10 years?"


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