I take sides: I love Portugal and I believe marrying in Portugal is a good idea. Wait… no! It’s a great idea. “Marrying in the land of the bride” is long gone. Nowadays, what’s important is to choose a place you both like, which represents you and, obviously, which fits your budget.

Then, let’s see why marrying in Portugal is such a good idea.


1. Marrying in Portugal for the different landscapes

Picturesque villages, large urban centres, old churches, romantic palaces, the silence of the countryside, endless vineyards and, of course, the chance to marry on the beach in Portugal. As you see, there are many different places to get married in this country. 


Photo Atmosphere

2. Marrying in Portugal for the food

You eat very well in Portugal. The Portuguese gastronomy is now starting to gain recognition, with several awards and increasingly more international honours. Surprise your guests with a varied and very tasty wedding menu - and, by the way, if the food is good, then what about the wine?


3. Marrying in Portugal for the access

If you don't live in Portugal, I imagine you also have many guests coming from abroad, right? Portugal has three airports in the mainland (in Lisbon, Porto and in Faro - which is located in the Algarve), in addition to the two airports in the islands of Madeira and the Azores. This means, good transportation access. Also, it's a small country. You'll see how easy it will be for your guests to travel around the country, whether by car or by train, for example.


4. Marrying in Portugal for the social openness

Same sex marriage in Portugal is legal since 2010. If this is your case and gay marriage is not yet a reality in your country, then you should know that you can marry in Portugal. There’s nothing here to stop you - in fact, you will be very much welcome here.


5. Marrying in Portugal for the Portuguese hospitality

It's a fact: the Portuguese are always friendly and in recent times, everyone seems to have surrendered to the Portuguese hospitality. If you choose to marry in Portugal, we are certain that this memento will be forever in your memory, as well as in that of your guests.


6. Marrying in Portugal for the price

We all know that when it comes to planning a wedding, budget is always an important factor. In many ways, Portugal is still an inexpensive country, especially when compared to other countries in Europe. If you are searching for a more affordable wedding - or a less expensive one if you will - you can find several options in Portugal.


7. Marrying in Portugal for the (good) organization

I fully understand that if you don't live in a certain country, there is always some uncertainty when it comes to organizing a wedding at a distance - "What if something doesn't work?" or "What if it isn't like in the picture?"

For this reason, my advice is: choose to have a Wedding Planner in Portugal to help you organize your wedding.

So, what are you waiting for? Shall we start planning you wedding in Portugal?